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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are made with low-fired clay bisque that appears either 
white or red-brown. These tiles are then painted and designed to various 
sizes and shapes. Tiles can vary from monochromatic contemporary to 
various handmade designs. Ceramic tiles can create beautiful clean lines 
and fantastic colors in a room. It is very important to select the correct tile size for your room as it can prevent tile cutting and wastage. Remember to factor in the space required for grouting. 

ceramic tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is densest of all ceramic tile types, with very low water absorption (%5). Porcelain is capable of withstanding heavy traffic 
and harsh weather and environmental conditions, making it suitable 
for both indoor and outdoor.
The color is homogenous throughout the tiles. Variations in tiles are intentionally designed to help create rooms with personality.

porcelaine tile

Glazed Porcelain Tile

  Porcelain is a form of Ceramic, which is made from finer materials 
and fired at much higher temperatures resulting in denser and highly moister resistant tiles compared to ceramic tiles.
Glazing or staining the surface creates stunning and sophisticated designs. It is generally best suited for indoor use especially high traffic 
or high moisture areas.


Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile dates to the earliest days of ceramic tiles. Usually comprising of 3 inches or smaller pieces which are attached to a mesh backing, Mosaics are highly distinctive. Mosaics tiles can be glazed ceramic or porcelain and can include 
stone or glass. Nowadays, as the area of the bathroom become larger and larger, 
the style and the material selections for decorating the bathroom become larger and larger. Mosaic tiles can be used outdoor to create stunning landscape. It is common to use Mosaic tiles around the swimming pool for a look that is completely elegant and innovative. Using Mosaic tiles to complement/accent a decor or to create a 
striking, intriguing atmosphere.


Glazed Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are comprised of clay and other minerals baked at high temperatures. Color is achieved by glazing, a glass like coating or ceramic stains.
Glazed tiles can be matte or high gloss and are popular for many areas 
in the home.


Metal Tile

They are especially fascinating when used in combination with ceramic or porcelain tile.
Metal tile is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types of metal. They come plain or with intricate designs carved into the surface. Adding tile of any sort into your home decor is fun and allows your creativity to come out.
You can use them in any arrangement or combination. The most common use of tile made from metal is as an accent to the rest of the decor. They are worked into the room in a certain pattern or at very specific points in order to support and highlight other features in the room.


Glass Tile

Glass tiles have been around in one form for hundreds of years. Dating back to as far ago as 2500BC. Archaeologists have found out that early cultures in Persia and India all developed a 
use of glass tiles. Opaque to opalescent, glass tiles are available in countless sizes, 
shape, textures, designs, colors, and finishes. Glass tiles have become increasingly popular every year. The translucent quality of glass gives it an entirely different look than ceramic tile or stone. The styles range from old world rustic to clean contemporary. It can be used for an entire wall, or inserted as an accent row or inlay with other tile or stone.

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